Case Studies

Skilled Park – Boutique sports stadium on the Gold Coast, Australia

In 2008, 100 Uniwell POS terminals were installed in a brand new, world class sports stadium located on Queensland’s Gold Coast. The stadium’s operators were looking for a system that was fast, robust and reliable, while at the same time being easy to operate by the mainly casual staff that would be serving customers during events.

Why did they choose Uniwell?

  • The POS system had to run on the existing Fibre Optic cabling.
  • Fast and reliable POS was a key requirement to cope with the rush of customers before the game and during the 10 minute ‘half-time’ period.
  • The POS terminals had to be easy to use because of the large number of casual staff.
  • Real time reports were required to help optimise staffing levels at each F&B outlet.
  • Reliable back office software was needed to provide accurate and timely management information.