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PX-6000 series
RoHS Compliant

With the choice of dot matrix printer (PX-6600), drop in thermal printer (PX-6700) or wide thermal printer (PX-6750), PX-6000-03 type offers basic hospitality but with advanced functionality even replacing with middle range.

PX-6000 brochure PX-6000 brochure
PX-6750 PX-6000 view of all angles

Remarks of PX-6600/6700/6750-03

»Wider screen than PX-5700 series
»LCD with top level brightness, angle and contrast adjustment
»The high-speed thermal printer with drop-in mechanism
»Compressed journal printing mode
»Enlarged single item display or multiple line display method
»Choice of Blue or White for the background color
»Scrolling display function with correction/void
»Table management system
»Clerk interrupt system
»PLU/Group sales per group
»40 kinds of Look Up PLUs
»Customer file (max. 1024)
»Optional ESF (Electronic Store & Forward) for electronic journal data

PX-6000 series LCD
Scrolling display function with void

PX-6000 series LCD
Inverse display

PX-6000 series LCD
Report List

2-sheet Dot Matrix Printer Model
Printing speed 3 lines/sec
Printing digit Receipt/Journal: 24 columns/line
Validation: 55 columns/line
Paper roll 44.5 ± 0.5 mm x Φ83 mm
2-sheet Drop in Thermal Printer Model
Type Thermal printer with an auto cutter and clamshell mechanism
Printing speed 21.3 lines/sec
Printing digit 36 columns/line
Paper roll 58 mm x Φ83 mm
1-sheet Wide Thermal Printer Model
Type Thermal printer with an auto cutter
Printing speed 21.5 lines/sec
Printing digit 46 columns/line
Paper roll 80 mm x Φ80 mm
Keyboard Stroke key
Flat key
90 key positions
152 key positions
Display Front (LCD) Blue mode LCD with white LED backlight (inversion)
40 columns x 8 lines
View Angle Adjustment: Max. 15 degrees
Rear (1-line) 12 digits numeric (standard)
Standard Interface RS232C x 1 One of: PC communication, Scanner, Scale, Thermal slip printer, RAM data transfer, Journal data transfer, EFT terminal
RS485 x 1 Inter Register Communication, Kitchen printer, Slip printer
Optional Interface RS232C x 2 One of: PC communication, Scanner, Scale, Journal data transfer
Optional Memory 1M or 2M bit memory board(s) In addition to standard 780 PLUs, 40 Look Up PLUs + 312 table memory records:
• 15887 ESF records
• 3971 customer bill records
• 1024 customer file
• 3780 clerk time & attendance
• 1000 PLU assignment to 64 clerks
• Max. 36148 PLUs
Dimensions Without drawer 370 (W) x 410 (D) x 196 (H) mm
With drawer 410 (W) x 415 (D) x 297 (H) mm
Cash Drawer Selection of "with" or "without drawer"

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